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Written on: April 17, 2020

Article by: Marion Waugh

Covid 19 has turned the world upset down.  Most people are self-isolating. Most activities have been cancelled or postponed. Church services are not held in church buildings and The Lord’s Table and sermons are given on various video programs.


Carman Ladies’ Retreat scheduled for May 22-24 has been canceled for this year

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Winnipeg: Congratulations to Evan and Breanna Barker on the sudden but safe arrival of Avaleigh Sadie Barker on March 15/2020.

Rob Jacobs was baptized and added to the Lord’s family. Welcome!

We are meeting with the use of ZOOM on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.


Weyburn: It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Vivian Dunn.

John Smith live streams a communion service and a message each Sunday and a message on Wednesday evening.


Edmonton Northside: We had an interactive worship experience on Facebook and on You Tube on Easter Sunday.

Edmonton Ladies’ Retreat is postponed until October 16-18.

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Albert Kleppe on April 10/2020.

Allyson Whittaker was baptized and added to the Lord’s family. Welcome.

Sermons are posted on facebook page and you tube channel.