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Thought For The Week

How Solid is Your Foundation?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary the foundation stone is defined as “a large block of stone that is put in position at the start of work on a public building, often with a ceremony.”1 The historian wrote “… the king commanded them to quarry large stones, costly stones, and hewn stones, to lay the foundation of the temple.” (1 Kings

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Monthly Editorial

What to Choose?

In “The Millennial Mosaic”, Reginald Bibby explains the rationale guiding his research, saying : “Our starting point is to recognize that life in Canada has come to be characterized by a central defining phenomenon: pluralism. In the face of diversity, there is a conscious effort to understand and accept differences, to interact and learn from one another.11 Pluralism is a

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Past Issues of Gospel Herald


Why would not every active Christian be a frequent reader and avid student of Revelation? It’s author is Jesus Christ. It is the last of sixty-six connected books, written by forty writers, over 1,500 years, inspired by God. It continues to challenge, even stymie, the world’s scholars. For Jesus said, “Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of

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General Articles


It has often been said that compared to most congregations mentioned in the New Testament, the church at Philippi didn’t seem to have any flaws that Paul needed to correct. The apostle called them his “joy and crown” (4:1). This great congregation was certainly admirable living and working in a community identified as a Roman colony. Opposition and suffering arose

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Past Issues of Gospel Herald

The Sermon On The Mount – Part II

Since our first article on this passage included introductory matters, we decided to give ourselves some extra space to more fully develop a discussion of the contents. We began by noting that this “Sermon” is the longest and most detailed one recorded in the Gospels. Nearly 2,000 years ago, Jesus preached this profound sermon showing how people converted and committed

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General Articles

Who Really Believes?

About thirty years ago a co-worker complained that he did not understand why anyone would hold up Dietrich Bonhoeffer as a good example or refer to him as a martyr. “The man was a screaming liberal,” he said. I am not sure what screaming had to do with it, but no doubt Bonhoeffer’s view of scripture was not what I

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