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Ella Leota Jones (nee Etherington)

Ella was born in Hamilton, Ontario on November 12, 1915 and died in Toronto on January 5, 2021 in her 106th year. She will be greatly missed by her son, Don, her four grandchildren (Steven Bout, David Bout, Michelle Frazer and Jennifer Colangelo) and her eight great-grandchildren ( Owen, Cabot, Francis, MacKenzie, Cate, Harrison, Giuliana and Luca). She will also

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Mission News

Haiti Mission Update

Greetings everyone, Let me start by saying that HAITI THANKS YOU! Haiti, as you already know, has had its share of trouble through the years, and the most recent earthquake of August 14 has made things even worse. But we thank God for friends like you who have helped make the burden a little lighter to carry. Right after the

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Special Issues

Genesis: The Beginning of the Story

Genesis is the beginning of the Biblical story that starts with the creation of the heavens and the earth and ends with the vision of a new heaven and earth. Genesis introduces the main characters and main themes of the Biblical drama. We need Genesis. It sets the stage and provides the fundamental principles for understanding the spiritual history of

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Special Issues

God Created and All Was Good

Genesis 1:1–2:3 Part 1 We come to the first chapter of Genesis with our own questions and concerns. This is the wrong. To understand the Bible, we must listen to what God is saying. We should not speculate about what he might say in answer to questions that he never chose to answer. What difference does it make? We know

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Special Issues

Jacob’s Journeys: Seeking a Wife and Family, Finding God

Jacob’s grandfather Abraham was concerned about the potential pitfalls of his son Isaac going on the 1,000 km +/- journey to his ancestors’ homeland in Paddan-aram to seek a wife. So Abraham sent a servant instead. When the time came for Isaac’s son to seek a wife, Isaac took a totally different approach. He sent Jacob on a solitary journey

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Special Issues

Genesis in the New Testament

Genesis describes the origin of the universe and the early history of mankind. Fundamental facts in Genesis are repeated in the New Testament. Jesus refers to “the beginning of the creation which God created” (Mark 13:19). Paul says that God “made the heaven, the earth, the sea, and all things that are in them” (Acts 14:15). “For since the creation

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