The Flag That We Fly

Written on: July 5, 2021

Article by: Harold Bruggen

There are few sights that thrill Canadians as much as seeing the “Maple Leaf” billowing in the breeze over our free nation. On July 1st, many of us rallied around our flag, thankful for the freedoms we enjoy in this great country. The common purpose and unity symbolised by that flag should bind us together promoting causes greater than ourselves.

In a more meaningful and important sense, Christians also rally together having been united in Christ who does more than just symbolize our unity. I am reminded of a children’s song which has been a favourite for many, entitled “His Banner Over Me Is Love.”

The first verse goes like this:

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The Lord is mine and I am His,

His banner over me is love.

The Lord is mine and I am His,

His banner over me is love.

The Lord is mine and I am His,

His banner over me is love.

His banner over me is love!

The author drew his thoughts from the Old Testament book of Song of Solomon, where the author wrote:

  • “He brought me to the banqueting house, And his banner over me was love.” (2:4 NKJV) and
  • “My beloved is mine, and I am his. He feeds his flock among the lilies.” (2:16 NKJV)

The prophet Isaiah spoke of a time when “the root of Jesse” (a term for the Messiah, Jesus Christ) would stand as a banner to the people, and the Gentiles would seek Him (Isaiah 11:10). Isaiah’s prophecy was fulfilled in the church that Jesus established and in which we participate. Jesus himself declared, that if He is lifted up, like a banner or standard, but referring to the cross, He would draw all peoples to Himself (John 12:32). He has called all people to true spiritual freedom through His sacrificial death on the cross (John 8:32, 36). In the kingdom of heaven, entry is granted without regard for race, wealth, position or gender. And once there, each one rallies around the banner of the Messiah, united in one body in Christ (Galatians 3:26-29).

What a beautiful image!

Those who seek to know God will accept the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. United and one in His kingdom, they enjoy a common salvation and seek to share that privilege to others by spreading the gospel worldwide. There is no greater freedom, than freedom in Christ!

So as we have just celebrated our political freedom, let us always remember, how Christ has made us free, as we rally around His banner.

Fenwick, Ontario