News West

Written on: October 11, 2020

Article by: Marion Waugh



  • Wednesday evening Bible study we will be studying from Aubrey Johnson’s book “Consider One Another God’s Answer to Incivility.” The book is a plea for civility and kindness in our troubled times.
  • Teens, parents, Myles and Alisha went camping at St. Malo campground.

Sad news –

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  • Penny Setlar (formerly Stuart) has passed away.
  • Gerry Jacobs passed away on August 17.
  • Patti Wiebe (Ben’s wife) passed away August 12.


Jim & Wanda Hobbs celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on September 5.


  • Nicole and Mary Ann Budica
  • Mackenzie Arbuckle
  • Philip Luro – August 15.


Dan Elliott passed away.
Ken Brewer passed away.


Edmonton Northside:
Cristina Cereno was baptized August 9.
Saralie Hitesman was baptized August 12.
Harry & Joanna Little were baptized August 23.
Laura Swanson’s husband, Brett Tomenchuk was baptized in Vernon, BC