Bible Bad Boys

Positive lessons from negative people

Ray Miller’s whimsical title, “Bible Bad Boys,” points to a significant characteristic of Scripture—its candor in describing “good,
bad, and ugly” Biblical characters. Even the very best have their faults identified—consider for example Abraham and David!
A second factor is linked with this awareness: it is the logical conclusion that God has permitted humans to struggle with evil in their
journey to spiritual maturity. For the generations dwelling this side of the flashing angelic sword at Eden’s boundary, it is in the context of
earthly existence, where sin is rampant, that their salvation is to be sought.

These two concepts joined together point to the importance, even the necessity, of the child of God becoming increasingly insightful in
matters of evil as well as advancing in matters of righteousness. As vices are the reverse images of virtues, the one who would be virtuous
must not be ignorant of the dimensions of evil. Consider the two aspects of the cross—at one and the same the greatest expression of
divine good and the greatest demonstration of human corruption. The Christian should comprehend both dimensions.

Therefore, the approach taken by this book—to examine human evil as a means of spotlighting human good—is Biblically sound!
Rather than seeing this work as perhaps novel or sensational, it must be appreciated as a legitimate, highly useful study for those who would
live their lives pleasing before their Creator.

This is a digital book (PDF).